Pricing Your Property

Pricing your real estate for sale is one of the trickiest tasks in the real estate game. Many real estate professionals will advise you not to sell your house on your own for this reason alone. There are many online tools such as Zillow to assist you with the process of determining the appropriate value to list your home for sale.

The RealtySpree Way has partnered with local Realtors™ to provide you with a competitive market analysis and assist you with the pricing of your property. In exchange for this professional pricing service, you agree to list with that real estate professional if you are unable to sell the home on your own. This agreement will be proposed by the realtor and will allow you to outline certain terms such as...

  • Number of days on market prior listing with the agent who aided in your market pricing analysis
  • Excluded buyer list
    You can elect to provide a number of potential buyers who will be excluded from the agent contract. If this prospect is the eventual buyer, you will not be obligated to pay the commission to the listing agent.
  • Flat Fee MLS or Commission to Agent
    At the time of listing with the agent, you can elect to pay a flat fee for the MLS listing, or to pay a commission to the agent.

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