Real Estate Lead Generation

A fresh supply of leads is vital for any business. Perhaps it is more so in the real estate business than any other. As with many other industries, you are not selling something that everyone needs. A real estate agent is providing a valuable service to property owners at a time that is almost always determined by the property owner.

As a real estate professional, you know that a real estate lead boils down to being in front of a property owner at the precise time that he or she wishes to buy or sell. Realty Spree provides you with a means to be in front of your prospect at precisely that time.

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There are few tools that allow us to provide you with that service.

  • Real Time Real Estate Leads
    Many homeowners simply don't want to deal with selling a property alone. They need the assistance of a real estate professional to list their property in the MLS, arrange showings, deal with contracts, and move the process along in a timely fashion.
  • Real Estate Professional Directory
    Our real estate professional directory is a more passive means of reaching the owner who is buying or selling a home. There are many who wish to obtain names and do some research, on their own, prior to allowing a real estate pro to earn the listing. For this group, we provide our real estate professional listing as a service to start this process. These are not real time leads, but often pan out as the most valuable due to the nature and seriousness of the property seller.
  • Property Pricing Appointment Leads
    As most real estate professionals know, gaining a listing often starts with a meeting to evaluate a property and prepare a competitive market analysis (CMA) for the owner. Since RealtySpree places its initial focus on homeowners wishing to sell their property on their own, we offer a service that you can opt in to. This service will place you in front of the property owner to evaluate the property and assist them in determining a price. For this service, the property owner agrees to list the property with you should the fail to sell the property in a predetermined number of days. You are taking a risk that you will never earn the listing, but you are also getting an opportunity to present yourself and your business to a new prospect.